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What Can Be Used to Practice Oil Painting?

There are many different exercises used to practice aspects of oil painting. Beginning painters can try out the medium before attempting finished paintings. Practice exercises prepare a novice painter for the complex task of completing a picture. The exercises can be done using inexpensive, student-

How to Draw Graffiti Cities

The easiest way to draw a graffiti city is to do a nighttime cityscape--in silhouette form. How the cityscape looks will be up to you and your specific design. Only a few colors and careful attention to some easy steps are needed to accomplish the complete picture.

How to Draw a Rainbow Eye

The eyes are arguably the most important feature on a person's face that must be taken into account when drawing - they are essential to showing expressions and emotion. Unusual eye colors always draw notice and are very striking, so drawing a person with an unusual eye color is appealing. You can d

How to Draw a Ballerina Step-by-Step

Known for being graceful and feminine, ballerinas have an iconic image that inspires young girls to want to dance. Ballerinas also demonstrate a combination of art and athleticism. Creating a ballerina illustration can help you learn some basics about drawing the human form in motion. You can draw y

How to Draw the Batman Symbol

Learning how to draw the batman symbol is extremely easy. You don't have to be an artist to master the design. In fact, all you have to do is draw simple shapes and color in the correct areas. Batman is a beloved character for adults and children alike. This article shows you the easy steps of how t

Surface Preparation for Vinyl Dye

Dying vinyl helps renew the surface and makes a vinyl fabric look new again. Vinyl dye is most often used in cars and in other upholstery items, such as chairs. Before re-dying any vinyl fabric, a certain amount of preparation work must be done. If this prep is not completed, the vinyl will not take

How to Paint an Oak Dresser

Oak hardwood dressers are typically sturdy and make well-built furniture. Over the years, the finish on an oak dresser can become damaged and scratched. The easiest solution for many homeowners is to paint the dresser. Paint will enhance the look of the dresser and lengthen its lifetime. Paint also

How Should You Clean Plastic to Prepare it for Painting?

You have been inspired to upgrade your personal belongings quickly and cheaply. Some of the easiest weekend projects involve fixing up plastic furniture. But how do you prepare your plastic for these home improvement projects? With a few tips, you will finish your projects quickly and with great res

What Do You Put in Your Tub if Its Peeling and Cracking?

A peeling or cracking tub is a sign of aging material or improper installation. If you ignore the problem, it could lead to leaking that will damage your floor and walls, so treating the bathtub is an important repair project. Your tools and methods will depend on what type of bathtub you have and h

Five Must-See Easy Face Painting Designs

Face painting has become such the rage today that it seems like just about everyone is doing it. Some people do it for fun, some for self-expression and others do it for a living. But ...

How do I Draw Classic Graffiti?

Graffiti and similar inspired designs were a common sight in many American cities in the 1970s and 1980s. The style has been incorporated into the mainstream art world. Today, classic graffiti is seen in art galleries, on skateboards and in many urban-themed graphic design applications. You can lear

Hagakure: The Code of the Samurai

Hagakure: The Code of the Samurai by Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Sean Michael Wilson and Chie Kutsuwada from Kodansha International

How to Fix Peeling Wall Tape

Drywall tape is used to help mask and seal off joints between pieces of drywall. It can be located just about anywhere in the room, but corners are the most likely place where tape peeling problems will occur. Drywall tape can peel if it wasn't applied properly or if the wall has become saturated wi

All About Pet Portrait Artistry

Who really is a pet portrait artist? Pet portrait artists can simply be defined as talents. Pet portrait artists are fully inclined in the business of creating memorable moments for their clients' pets. Pet-portrait artistry ...

How to Abstract Acrylic

Learn the basic approaches to abstract painting. The first approach is to plan out the painting a head of time, and the second approach is to just start painting without a preconceived idea, allowing the painting to develop intuitively. Modern masters, Mondrian and Barnet Newman, planned their paint

Danny and Annie - A Storycorps Animation and Story!

Recently I came across StoryCorps' which I found not only to be interesting but very touching as well. StoryCorps' is a public service that was created to provide Americans the opportunity from all walks of life to share the stories of their lives. Americans from all backgrounds will be ab