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Citation II Specs

The Cessna Citation II was a light twin-engine jet aircraft produced by the Cessna Aircraft Co. between 1977 and 1997. The jet was a direct development from the original Citation I. It was powered by two Pratt & Whitney JTI 5D-4 turbofan engines. The model was replaced by the Citation...

How to Play My iPod in the Enclave

The Buick Enclave comes standard with an auxilary audio port. This port allows you to connect external audio devices, such as MP3 players and iPods. While you cannot control the audio track with the radio controls (use the iPod's control panel), you can easily listen to your favorite music. Connecti

5 Used Cars That You Should Avoid Buying

The used car market is a difficult one to navigate. There are so many choices no matter what price range you are looking in. When you decide on your budget, you also must decide which ...


Purchasing a professional used vehicle inspection report from Lemon Squad, the nation's leading pre-purchase used car inspection service, is as easy as 1-2-3. 1. Order a vehicle inspection online. 2. A highly trained Lemon Squad ...

Help And Advice On Servicing Used Cars

So it's come too that time in any Used cars lifetime where money needs to be spent to keep it maintained to a high standard. Used cars are like humans, as we get older wrinkles ...

C5 Corvette Buyers Guide

Corvettes have a checkered past of reliability. Like so many cars of the 70's and 80's economic problems and changes in political climate permanently altered the landscape of the automotive world. In the wake engineering priority's struggled to maintain standards against increasing co

Toyota Announces Major Corolla Recall for Airbags

January 2013 a bad month for airbag recalls with Toyota announcing that it is going to recall certain 2003 and 2004 Corolla and Corolla Matrix vehicle for a potentially serious issue.

Will Australia's Low Interest Rates Affect Car Sales?

Car sales... what is the market doing right now? This is the big question on everyone's lips. There are car sale's guides to help you judge the volatility of the market and there are countless car sales websites to enable you to sell your unwanted vehicle, but what are the stats saying? Ac

Secondhand Car Checklist

When checking out a used car, you'll need to inspect everything from the odometer to the tires.Taillight and spoiler on new white car image by steven Husk from Fotolia.comBuying a secondhand car can save you lots of money, but you want to make sure that the vehicle you're getting is in...

Why to Get New Cars From USA for Export?

Buying new cars has always remained a charm for people and the used cars become a matter of great concern for people who would never compromise on the quality of vehicles that they are driving. ...

Buying A Car Without Spending A Lot

Think of all the money you could save by buying an affordable car. Here are a few tips to help you find a good deal even if you are on a budget.

How to Sell a Truck With a Bank Lien

When you purchase a truck with borrowed money, the lender places a lien against the title. The purpose for the lien is to make sure the lender is paid in full if you sell or trade in the truck. If you trade in the truck, the dealer handles the paper work and deals with the bank. It is, however, poss

Importance of Exhausts in Turbo Cars

The exhaust system is an oft-neglected aspect of a quality vehicle. Without a proper setup in place, the owner of even the best car will not see optimal performance.

Ball Bearing vs. Precision Bearing

Understanding the quality of bearings can be critical to maintaining the life of the engine that uses them. While most ball bearings are made of fairly good material to deal with rotational wear and tear, precision ball bearings are designed to deal with extreme use and engine pressures. For those w

How to Buy a Classic Chevy Truck

The Chevy truck is an American icon. In the last decade or two, the better examples have been getting quite valuable.

About Car Windshields

Car windshields are one of those things that most people don't think about when buying a vehicle or driving around in it. Windshields are taken for granted because all cars sold today come equipped with them. We never think of them as a luxury item, but at one time, they were.

How to Purchase a Former Cop Car

There is a certain thrill that comes with driving a former cop car. In addition, you know the municipality maintained these vehicles well because they are driven so hard. Police cars have special equipment so they can keep up with the abuse they take on the streets, and this equipment is still intac