How to Remove the Radio From a 2008 Honda Pilot

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Stay on Top of the Action With a Voice Alert Radar Detector

It's likely that you have heard of a radar detector. If not then you will when you are done reading. They are lovely pieces of technology that allow people to bend the rules and get where they need to go in less time than it would usually take to get there. Radar detectors are improving themsel

Three Great Suggestions For People Interested in Car DVD Players

Driving a car is arguably one of the best things to do for many people. But, it is a fact that sitting in back seat is not all that adventurous and it is easy to get bored on long trips. To deal with this type of situation you can find people installing car DVD players.

Installation Instructions for the K-9 150 Car Alarm

The K-9 150 car alarm, designed to help enhance vehicle security, comes equipped with many programmable features. Installation of this product is similar to that of other K-9 alarms. With a few tools and the proper instructions, you can help make any vehicle safer and secure with this car alarm.

Car Amplifiers - Information You Shouldn't Be Without

An amplifier takes a signal from a source and makes it larger. This makes the sound louder. The hard part is amplifying the signal without adding any distortion. Amplifiers must have a power supply strong enough to keep them going and must store enough current to deliver all of the transients in the

How Do I Program a 1998 BMW Fob?

Few things are as frustrating as being unable to get the keyless entry on a car working. Fortunately, BMW takes advantage of user-programmable key fobs that allow programming without a visit to the local dealership. While the process for programming a BMW key fob is certainly lengthy, performing the

All About Car Audio Amplifiers

Car audio amplifier generally converts low-level signal from the source unit to a high level signal for driving the loudspeakers. These amplifiers can range in power from 20 watts to over a thousand watts per channel. And their prices too differ from one amplifier to another depending on their featu

How to Remove a 2000 Honda Civic Radio

The 2000 Honda Civic had a large area in the dash for a stereo, but the factory didn't provide much in the way of options. Most cars came with just a radio, and even those with a CD player didn't have much else to work with. Today's aftermarket stereos have lots of other options, making it more attr

Car Speakers For Sale

Buying new car speakers can be a very time consuming and costly. Find out how you can buy car speakers without breaking your wallet.

DIY Subwoofer Box Building

Subwoofers typically provide the bass response for loudspeakers. While there are any number of designs you can use for your subwoofer box, the simple sealed box design is timeless and works with just about any subwoofer. If you want to be super precise, you can build a subwoofer box based on the exa

How to Remove a 1997 Toyota 4Runner Radio

Standard vehicle radios seem to have the most basic of options, and the radio in the 1997 Toyota 4Runner was no exception. Luckily, car manufacturers have made radios easy to remove so you can upgrade it using an after-market product. While removing the radio on the '97 4Runner requires the removal

How to Call OnStar

OnStar is a vehicle monitoring and driver assistance service built into most General Motor vehicles. The service includes many features, including the ability to remotely unlock your vehicle's doors, automatic crash detection, turn by turn navigation, hands-free calling, and emergency personnel resp

How to Install Dual XD7500 in a 1979 Nissan 280ZX

The Nissan 280zx, formerly Datsun 280ZX, was first introduced in 1978 to critical acclaim and was manufactured until 1983. The XD7500 car stereo by Dual features a motorized face-plate, RCA pre-outs, oversized LCD display, MP3 player connectivity and 220 watts of total power. Installing the Dual XD7

Jetta Car Stereo Installation Tips

So you've got your speakers, subwoofer, amplifier and head unit for your Volkswagen Jetta MK III. Now what? Installing a complete stereo in a car usually isn't as daunting a challenge as it appears at first with all those wires. But some tips will help when approaching the task for your Jetta.

How to Program a Remote Keyless Entry for a 2008 Chevrolet Impala

The 2008 Chevy Impala came equipped with GM's driver information center. The DIC lets owners match remote transmitters to their cars by simply pushing a series of buttons. Up to eight remotes can be programmed to the 2008 Impala at any given time. Only genuine Chevy Impala remotes will synchronize w

Introduction To New Eonon D1002 And C0708 Car Dvd Player

As a fast growing Car audio provider in China, Eonon's new product models are coming out one by one these days. We can see how fast the paces that they are developing their products appearance, function and becoming more and more satisfy customers’ needs. Last week the new launched produc

Android Mobiles-choice Of The Millions

Android has tough competition with other phones that have a solid establishment and a group of loyal customers. In such a scenario Android mobile phones have been able to lure target groups towards itself who opt for Android rather than going in for other phones.

How to Install a Stereo in a Toyota Highlander

Installing a stereo in a Toyota Highlander can improve the sound quality and gives you features unavailable from the factory. Swapping out the head unit on a Toyota Highlander is an easy project that requires basic tools and the right parts. Installing a new stereo in the Toyota Highlander takes les

How to Set a GPS With a Location

GPS systems help us navigate the highways with turn-by-turn directions. But how do you set it up? Just follow a few simple steps.

How to Install a Stereo in a 2008 Chevy

Chevy provides a wide range of stereo systems for their cars, trucks, and SUVs. In the case of the 2008 Chevy Cobalt, you can choose a single disc CD player, a multi-disc CD changer, or a stereo capable of playing MP3 files and satellite radio. For Cobalt owners who prefer the power and ability of a