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Keep Cancer Out of Your Garden

We have past the date when spring has officially begun and for some parts of the country so has the yardwork. We begin to reach for all sorts of tools that make our lives easier ...

Bladder Cancer Diet

There is no sure way to prevent or cure cancer with diet alone, but there are some things that are recommended and suggested in order to help with various cancers, not just bladder cancer.

Have Prostate Cancer Information With Promising Research

Men should have a regular check-up for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer information is readily available in doctor's offices and on the web. Exams and testing check to see if there are any cancer cells present even if the individual has not experienced any symptoms.

Angel MedFlight Wears Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Nothing looks more pretty in pink that seeing a group of employees come together for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We at Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance are showing our support for this health initiative ...

Dietary Salt (Sodium) Increases Stomach Cancer Risk

Known risk factors for stomach cancer include chronic infection with the Helicobacter pylori bacterium (and other causes of chronic gastric inflammation), smoking, obesity, decreased acid secretion within the stomach, stomach ulcers, pernicious anemia, a family history of stomach cancer, certain inh

Who Is at Risk for Brain Cancer?

Everyone has some risk of developing brain cancer at some time in their life, but some are at a higher risk level of developing a tumor. Genetics, race, age, and chemical and radiation exposure may play a part. Some cancers are exclusive, affecting mainly children or a particular race. Others risk

Increase Your Chances to Be a Survivor

I've just been diagnoised with Prostate Cancer!!! What do I do Now??? Being diagnoised with Prostate Cancer is no longer necessarily a death sentence.

How to Publish Books About Cancer Patients

Authoring a published book is one of the more rewarding and challenging experiences you can accomplish, and knowing the general ins and outs of the process can help you to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. When publishing a book about specific individuals such as cancer patients, there are some c

Cancer Risk and Alcohol Consumption - Is There a Link?

It is pretty common knowledge that smoking will increase the risk of lung cancer. Smoking also increases the risks of many other types of cancers as well. There are some studies that suggest drinking

A Guide to Asbestos Attorneys

Asbestos attorneys help victims of asbestos-related ailments win multi-million dollar compensations. Over exposure to asbestos can result in life-threatening diseases. Medical expenses related to these diseases are often very high, and treatment may extend over a lifetime. Most of the victims are fo

Green Tea May Fight Lung Cancer

Green tea may fight lung cancer, based on lab tests on human lung cancer cells, scientists report in Laboratory Investigations.

The Future of Cancer Detection

Spotting cancer early is key, but trying to do that -- often when there are no symptoms -- has been challenging. Still, more and more evidence suggests that all cancers have a signature, or even a scent, that can be detected early.

Tips On Telling Your Family You Have Cancer

Cancer is a very dangerous condition, but many people do not know how cancer effects your daily living. As is true with anything in life, taking the time to educate yourself about cancer will make ...

"Kissing Disease" Increases Cancer Risk

New research confirms a long-suspected link between infectious mononucleosis -- also known as the "kissing disease" -- and Hodgkin's disease, a cancer commonly found in young adults.