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Torque Specifications of a 1995 Ford 3.8

Ford's 3.8 liter six-cylinder engine was first produced in 1982 and was discontinued at the end of the 2003 model year. In 1995, the engine was used throughout the intermediate model line of vehicles, including the Thunderbird and the Cougar. Because the engine is computer controlled, it...

Electric Bike - Choosing a Suspension Fork

When building a high performance electric bike you need to choose your front fork carefully. Using the wrong fork can result in your bike not handling properly making it difficult to ride or the fork

How to Troubleshoot a Shoprider Sunrunner

Shoprider warns owners of its scooters that electromagnetic interference (EMI) can affect scooter movement and braking. If your Sunrunner moves on its own or releases its brakes, it isn't necessarily broken. To avoid problems related to EMI, do not operate personal communication devices, such as cel

1998 Ford Explorer Specifications

Since Ford first began production of the Explorer in 1991, it has been one of America's most popular vehicles, according to MSN Autos. In 1998, Explorers were available in 4-wheel drive, all-wheel-drive and rear-wheel drive models with either two or four doors.

Specifications of a 1988 Dodge Ram

The Dodge Ram was introduced by Chrysler in 1981 as a tough, powerful pickup truck. The 1988 model Ram came with one basic cab and two different cargo bed lengths. The original manager's suggested retail price for the 1988 model started at $12,168. It has been a consistent seller since its release a

The Honda 305

There are many popular classic Hondas around, but the early 250 and 305 models (CA71 and C76) are particularly popular due to their reasonable prices and part’s availability.

1995 Camaro Specs

Chevrolet introduced the 1995 Camaro with two engine options and four body styles. The car's aesthetics follow the shift in the Camaro's body style that occurred in 1993 and proved comparable to the design changes that took place with the Pontiac Firebird and the Ford Mustang in 1995. In...

Pontiac 401 Engine History

Once upon a time, all of GM, Ford and Chrysler's divisions operated as almost completely independent entities. Divisions like Pontiac weren't divisions so much as they were sovereign corporations with their own engine foundries, assembly plants and advertising branches. Pontiac's famed "401" powered

ATV Trails Near Lisbon, OH

Explore the terrain near Lisbon, Ohio, at one of the ATV trail facilities.quad2 image by charly_lippert from Fotolia.comFive ATV trails are located within an hour of Lisbon, Ohio. You could take a guided ride by exploring an underground limestone mine or just explore the creek beds, hills...

Yamaha Vino

A photo of the 2008 Yamaha Vino 125 scooter.

Electrical Components for a 1992 Chevrolet Pickup

The 1992 Chevrolet pickup has many electrical components. Everything from the engine control module (ECM) to the basic wiring harness ensure that the Chevrolet truck operates smoothly and efficiently. One bad fuse, one faulty electrical wire or one bad sensor can cause the Chevrolet truck...

Scooter Batteries

The scooter may not have the same strength as any other moving machinery but it is a sure cost effective way to move from one area to another. They actually make travelling fun and are safer than motorcycles.

Acer Acer Um09e70

Aspire 5734Z es el nombre de uno de los últimos modelos Batería que forman parte de la prestigiosa serie de portátiles lanzadas por Acer. Se trata de un notebook sumamente completo y diseñador para afrontar todas las necesidades diarias de ocio y trabajo a través d

Competition Engines

There are many configurations of classic motorcycle engines. Whether an engine is a 2-stoke or a 4-stroke, the layout of the cylinders and the number of cylinders can vary a lot. We take a look at some classic bike engine configurations.

How to Open the Seat on a Vino Scooter

The Yamaha Vino Scooter is a retro-style scooter with a four-stroke engine, telescopic front fork and a front disc brake. In addition, it gets about 96 miles on one gallon of gas and has pollution-reducing exhaust technology. One of the greatest features is a large seat that accommodates two r

Cheap 50cc Mopeds

There are many different varieties of transport from cars to bikes. One of the first vehicles people look into are 50cc Scooters known as Mopeds as in the UK, you do not need to pass a test to ride them. This article goes into these Mopeds and information on them.

Novelty Motorcycle Helmets: Slim, Sleek, and Stylish

When you're out on the open road and you want to look you're best, consider a novelty motorcycle helmet to help give you a little extra class. Although novelty helmets don't offer as much protection a