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Video: Decorating Wreaths With Ribbon

Video Transcript Hi. This is Magda from Bamboo for Flowers, and today I'm going to show you how to decorate a wreath with ribbons. So the materials we are going to use are a red vase, pine cones, the wreath, the ribbons, the glue gun and the scissor. The first things that we are going...

How to Make a Paper Scroll Craft

Paper scrolls are a great project for ancient history or Sunday school classes. Papyrus, an ancient Eastern paper, or animal skins were often used to make scrolls. Scrolls were typically stored in one of two ways: smaller scrolls were wound around a single cylinder or wooden dowel; longer scrolls we

How to Use Pokemon Emerald Gameshark Codes

"Pokemon Emerald" is the updated version of "Pokemon Ruby" and "Pokemon Sapphire". While the game, by and large, is quite similar to the previous versions, it does feature a modified storyline and include a few new features. One of the more significant features is the a

How to Make a Swim Skirt for a Bathing Suit

Make a wrap-around skirt to add a little bit of modesty or femininity to a bathing suit. You can make the skirt so it can easily be removed or can attach the skirt to the waistline of the bathing suit for a permanent adornment. When making a detachable skirt, use a solid-colored fabric that you can

Games for Kids Using Donuts

Children can have a lot of fun playing games that involve eating donuts. These sugary treats make inexpensive game props that are ideal for kids birthday parties, holiday parties or even for in-class school activities. Keep in mind that food games tend to get messy, so make sure that you prepare a d

Clever Recycled Crafts for Kids

Recycled craftsArts and Crafts image by ne_fall_photos from Fotolia.comTeach your kids how to make green crafts made from recycled items. Using recycled items for crafting teaches children how to think creatively and conservatively. Children will enjoy salvaging empty containers and...

How to Make a Rabbit Head for a Costume

Whether for to wear in an Easter parade or as an accessory for a Halloween outfit, locating a costume rabbit head can be a daunting and expensive task. You can use a few easily acquired supplies and create your own rabbit head at home, letting kids assist you as a pre-Easter or Halloween activity. B

How to Glitter Paint Sweatshirts

Glitter paint is a non-toxic colored paint that has glitter particles throughout. It is commonly used in craft activities and is a useful tool if you want to add unique designs to a plain and boring sweatshirt. Glitter paint is widely available in craft stores and comes in a variety of colors. You c

How to Fire Clay in a Stove Top Oven

When you fire clay, you heat the clay to harden it, creating a finished piece. The heat causes the clay to undergo a chemical change, making the once-pliable substance hard as stone. Normal clays require extremely high temperatures found in kilns specially designed for firing clay. To harden clay in

How to Create a Mug

You can make homemade ceramic mugs to fit our own design ideas and make them as large or small as you want them to be. You can sell homemade custom mugs at craft fairs, give them as gifts or just use them at home.

Candle Decorating Ideas

Candle decorating can turn a bland, store-bought candle into a unique gift. Sometimes you can decorate the candle's holder, sometimes the actual candle. Decorating candles also is an unusual activity to inspire creativity in children. Using a bulkier candle helps make decorating easier for younger k

How to Make an Origami Diamond Step-by-Step

Origami is an art form which strengthens spacial conceptualization skills, and promotes peace of mind. To make a 3D diamond from paper is certainly less expensive than buying one, and is more enjoyable too. Making an origami diamond is relatively simple, but requires precision and dexterity to be ex

How to Make Swedish Shades

A Swedish shade is a blind constructed of fabric. It provides full coverage of a window and uses cording and glass rings to lower and raise the shade. A homemade Swedish shade can be made to match your décor. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to make. You can quickly make several shades

How to Glue Fabric to Foam

When gluing fabric to foam, you want to be careful not to damage the fabric. For example, applying glue directly on a piece of fabric may discolor the fabric. It's best to use a fusible interfacing material to separate the fabric from the glue. The interfacing material offers a protective shield ove

How to Oil Singer Sewing Machines

Sewing with a machine is simpler and quicker than sewing by hand. Singer sewing machines are one of the oldest and most reliable brands of machines. Oiling the sewing machine is part of the machine's general maintenance. Oiling will help it run well and extend the life of the machine. If you use you

How to Refurbish an Old Trunk

Old trunks such as steamer trunks, wood trunks, and footlockers can be found at flea markets, garage sales, antique and used furniture stores. Often the trunk is sturdy and well built, but the exterior is visually unappealing and the interior is rapt with odors. Refurbish an old trunk by cleaning an

How to Make a Homemade Match

Until the mid-1800s, lighting a fire was a painstaking and frustrating process. Tinder---shredded wood pulp, dried grass or wool---had to be ignited with sparks created by striking a coarse stone against steel then stoked with oxygen into a small flame until hot enough to light firewood. Matches wer

How to Make a Purse for a Kindle

The Kindle is an electronic reading device that allows users to download and read books without ever stepping foot in a library or book store. If you have a Kindle you’d like to keep from getting scratched or damage, make a fabric purse to keep it in while you’re on the go.