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How to Put Your iPhone Into Boot Mode

When iPods were introduced, they came with the ability to be put in DFU (Device Firmware Update) or "Boot" mode. This allowed the device to interface with iTunes but not load any operating system. This allowed the firmware to be updated or downgraded. The same principal now applies to the iPhone. If

How to Fit Movie Dimensions for iPhone

The iPhone is a range of multimedia-equipped smartphones designed and sold by Apple, which feature a 3.5-inch color touch screen, measured diagonally. This screen has a 3:2 aspect ratio, which is a widescreen format similar to the aspect ratio of many movies. However, some movies and videos will fea

How to Get Magic Keys Signed on a Nokia 6650

"Magic keys" is a Symbian application developed by "Leftop." Symbian is a type operating system used on some smartphones such as the Nokia 6650. The Magic Keys app is designed to remap the keys on a phone's keypad. As of January 2011, the Magic Keys application is still in the beta phase of developm

How to Sync to Another iTouch

The iPod Touch functions like any other media player. With it, you can listen to music, watch videos and read eBooks. It also includes a function that lets you sync to other Bluetooth devices. Before you sync your iPod Touch with another, you must pair the two devices together. Once paired, you no l

How to Play LimeWire on an iPod

Though you may have a large collection of media files stored on your computer, to play them on Apple's popular iPod device, you will need to utilize Apple's iTunes software. Tracks that you may have downloaded from LimeWire will need to be converted and brought into the iTunes library to properly pl

How to Download Apps on an iPad

An iPad looks like a super-sized iPod. With its large screen display, it lets you view photos, send and receive emails, watch videos and more. In addition, applications are available for download. These are programs that perform a variety of functions. While they vary in genre, some common apps are

How to Reset & Restore an iPod

Your iPod may contain hundreds of dollars' worth of songs, so it's a sickening feeling when you realize you have to restore your iPod to factory settings because of a problem with the iPod. You can restore all of your songs and videos, however, as long as you kept them in your iTunes library, so the

How to Use Your iPod Touch as a Remote Without Taking it Apart

You're in luck if you want to use your iPod touch as a remote. There are several apps for that, and you definitely don't have to take your iPod apart to use them. As of summer 2011, you can get free and paid remote control apps available for the touch. Apple provides a free app to control iTunes on

Differences Between the 4th & 5th Generation Apple iPod

Users could do things with the fifth-generation iPod that they could only dream of with the fourth-generation version of the device. The fifth-generation iPod's ability to display video and pictures stored on the device was a key difference from its predecessor. The fifth-generation iPod also featur

How to Transfer Music From an iPhone 3G

After purchasing music from the iTunes Store application on your iPhone, it is important to synchronize your phone with your computer so it creates an additional copy of the music on your hard drive. Synchronization ensures that both your computer and iPhone have the same content, and protects you f

How to Rename a Playlist on an iPhone

iPhone owners who desire to hear their favorite musical selections on their phones have the chance to create playlists via iTunes. This lets you create separate lists for events such as a party, vacation or just for your own enjoyment. However, you may want to make changes to a playlist or insert ne

How to Add Songs to an iPod Through LimeWire

Rather than manually add music you've downloaded in LimeWire to iTunes, the Limewire file sharing program has an auto-add feature, which automatically adds downloaded content from the program to iTunes, which can be synced with your iPod. To adjust these settings, you can configure your iTunes integ

How to Fix an iPod That Got Wet

Uncooked rice is a common household solution that can be used to save the day if you've dropped your iPod in a sink, pool or other wet place. After you've fished out your iPod, immediately placing it in a bowl of uncooked rice is a quick and inexpensive fix. The moisture in the device will be absorb

How to Use iTunes With Sansa Fuze

If you want to easily manage the music stored on your Sansa Fuse, you can do so using the iTunes desktop software that was created for use with the Apple iPod. Though a Sansa Fuse cannot support DRM-protected iTunes files, the iTunes program can be used to manage MP3s. With iTunes, you can transfer

How to Install Aura

Every Apple iPhone has access to the Apple App Store, a market with hundreds of thousands of user-made applications. One such application is the Aura ambient music generator. The app allows users to generate music by touching the screen of the iPhone and tilting or moving the phone in different ways

How to Make Your Own Ringtones Using Two Songs

One way to have your cell phone express your mood and style is by setting a personalized ringtone. You can use your favorite songs and even record your own sound clips to set as ringtones. To make a ringtone using two songs, however, you will need to edit them using third-party software on your comp