13 Ways to Get More Sales by Demonstrating Your Products - Retail Marketing Tip #36

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Marketing is the engine that drives sales! Without effective marketing strategies and tactics, sales slow and profits dip.
Here is another article from the marketing series that will give you both general marketing insights and practical, proven marketing tactics.
Use it to rev up your company's sales and profits by demonstrating your products.
Why should you demonstrate your products? Because if the try it they will probably buy it! Demonstrating a product lets your customers feel what it would be like to own the item...
and makes purchasing almost irresistible! Increase sales by thinking of interesting ways to...
Most merchandise can be demonstrated in some way - even if it doesn't seem obvious at first.
Here are thirteen fun ways I thought up, but I bet you can come up with more.
Does your merchandise have:
  1. Outstanding aroma? Let them take a sniff.
  2. Gorgeous texture? Put it in their hands and let them feel it.
  3. Lovely color? Hold it up to the light.
  4. Playability? Play it with them.
  5. Unusual movement? Get it going.
  6. Delicious taste? You sample, you sell!
  7. Silly sound? Let them hear it.
  8. A feature they can not see? Ask them to try it out.
  9. Incredible comfort? Get it on them.
  10. Super slipperiness? Let it slide.
  11. Fizz, melt, float, or change color in water? Bring out the bucket.
  12. Fly through the air? Let them toss it.
  13. Assembly required? Build it.
Have fun with you products and you customers will too.
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