Floating a Race - Running Mental Patience - Mindset and Mastery

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Have you been there in the perfect place during your run? You are in the zone and there really isn't any way to describe it that doesn't sound like a line from a new age narrative on contemplating your navel.
Have you been there? Can you describe it? Can you teach it to someone? Can you possibly teach the moment that is just a point of light in a string of moments over the duration of hours of moving your feet? I don't know.
I've been reading a lot on running.
There are theories on running that make it appear like a cult, or if you slide into a different camp it's a science.
Take 2 parts of water and three parts of glucose with a citrus base and drink that at 84 degrees (Fahrenheit) every other mile.
Or whatever.
The formula to success; the joy of running reduced to a structured plan to conquer the distance.
Can you describe the euphoria that surrounds nirvana wrapped in a moment earned through karma? Or is your run a spreadsheet? I've had troubles with injuries over the years.
I've never run a full marathon, don't know if I ever will.
The time to train turns into a waterfall that floods your life.
I've had twenty mile solitary runs that put me into the twilight zone.
I've lost track of time and space and forgot what lap I was on in my six mile loop, and then just thought, I know it has to be at least one more time around, so I did it.
I have put together a short book, never to be released, that describes why running shoes may be one of the worst developments for runners, but certainly a boon to podiatrists and a variety of other doctors, and I can describe the main point in three words.
Silence is golden.
We lose track of the impact our feet have on the ground with the cushioning provided by running shoes.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating barefoot running, although I won't put it down either.
It's just not for me.
My only thought is, listen to your feet as they hit the ground, and the louder they hit, the worse it is for you.
Your joints suffer and your runs suffer.
The best run is when you float both mentally and physically.
Light steps and light thoughts and points of lights and moments in time that blend into a glide that just feels right.
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