How Does Bum Marketing Work - Or Does it Work?

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Bum Marketing is as old as the Internet is itself.
It is a form of advertising online that people have used for years, and continues to be the main avenue for "free" advertising online.
So let's answer two very important questions: Q1.
) What is Bum Marketing?
) How Does Bum Marketing Work?
It is a form of free advertising online.
To put it into a nutshell, a person would writing an article about a product and submit the article to a directory online like EzineArticles or GoArticles.
Once the article goes live, if the article was written well with keywords and quality information, Google would then post it in their search results as people search for the keyword or key phrase.
This, in turn, would bring the author traffic thus generating free advertising.
While we just looked at a little of how does Bum Marketing work, let's dig deeper to see a little more of the "how" part.
We understand that traffic is important for our websites.
We know that it's a lot more fun to have free advertising going on rather than paid.
Here is what happens when you use this style of marketing over time: You write the article, submit it, it goes live, Google likes it, you get traffic, on to day 2.
If the article continues to get traffic, Google continues to like it, and it stays live thus drawing more potential traffic.
Day 3 the cycle continues.
Do you see what is happening here? The longer your article is live and people are searching and clicking on it, the more traffic it draws and the better chance you have to gain customers! This means that not only did you not pay for advertising, but you did not pay for advertising on day 2, or 3, etc.
This in essence is the heart of how Bum Marketing works.
You can literally build an online empire for yourself in a very short time using this free article marketing tactic to drive traffic and do so not spending a penny.
Well, we all still have to pay for the Internet!
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