Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil & Dogs

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    Good for Humans and Dogs

    • Humans often add supplements to their meals to increase the amounts of vitamins and nutrients they consume every day. Our pets can sometimes also benefit from additional health supplements. Wild Alaskan salmon oil is a common supplement that is often recommended by veterinarians.

    Healthy Fats

    • Salmon oil provides additional healthy fats to a dog's diet. Wild Alaskan salmon is especially rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids like DHA and EPA.


    • Wild Alaskan salmon oil produces the same health benefits in dogs as it does in humans. It is great for healthy skin and coats, helps to maintain eye, heart and joint health, and boosts the immune system.


    • Wild Alaskan salmon oil can be found at most pet supply stores. It is usually sold in a bottle with a pump, and can be easily added to food. The recommended daily amount should be marked on the container, and will depend on the size of the dog.


    • When starting your dog on Wild Alaskan salmon oil, begin with smaller doses. Some dogs may have adverse digestive reactions to it, like diarrhea.

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