Sales Concepts - Why People Buy

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Some Fundamentals Today's buyers are more educated, more informed and have more options than ever before.
They are buying more and they're buying for all kinds of reasons as such.
A thorough understanding of the buying process will enable you to better understand how your customer /client are making a buying decision.
A successful sales process can enhance your ability to gain favorable attention, discover needs, get a positive decision and develop a long-term relationship with your customer / client.
Buying The Process The determining factor as to why a prospect actually buys is not product or service superiority, but the salesperson's ability to discover needs, create urgency and develop confidence in his or her ability to satisfy those needs better than anyone else.
Today's sellers are not selling, they're helping people buy and today's buyers are not being sold, they are buying and buying for many different reasons.
Buying the Why Before a person considers buying anything, they MUST have a want or need.
Once there is a need the buying process begins.
People buy either to gain a benefit, avoid a loss or solve a problem.
They buy to gain money, save money or avoid loss of money.
Additionally they will buy to prolong life or to improve the quality of life.
One of the most important skills the you, the salesperson, can develop is your ability to help your client / customer identify and recognize their needs.
What your customer / client's tell you they want is very important; WHY they want what they want is even more important.
The more a want becomes recognized as a desired need and the more a need becomes wanted the higher the level of client desire for your product or service.
Buying the Client and You Clients / customers usually begin their evaluation process within the first two or three minutes of meeting you.
First impressions are extremely important.
The first and most important step in successfully influencing the buying process is your ability to create a positive and favorable first impression.
This impression will be based upon what you say (what they hear) and how you appear (what they see).
You demeanor and your ability to exhibit genuine understanding and appreciation for their needs will influence their perception of you as an individual.
Each and every client / customer will evaluate you emotionally (DO I like this person?) and logically (Will this person bring value to me?) It is essential that you be prepared to talk about who you are as a person in a way that enhances your credibility with your customer / client.
Once your client / customer has developed a favorable impression of you, the evaluation process will turn to your company.
The Question that MUST be answered..
Who are you and who is your company? requires that you validate yourself as a person of integrity.
Before someone will buy from you, you must establish that you and your company can be trusted, that you will fulfill your claims and deliver as promised.
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