Pheromone Scents - Can They Really Make You More Attractive?

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If you are considering buying pheromone scents to give you an edge in the dating world, you are probably wondering "Do they work?".
  I can't say I blame you.
  If you look up pheromones online, you will find that there is a whole lot of hype going on.
  Pheromones DO work, but only if you know how to buy them and how to use them.
  Here are some guidelines.
All that glitters...
  It drives me crazy (because I love what quality pheromones can do), but there are products out there right now that claim to be pheromones and are only perfumes with fancy labels.
  To know that you are getting quality products (that work) you need to buy from a quality store.
  Look for stores that have a money back guarantee, and that let customers comment about the products.
  These two things are a good indication of quality.
Less is more...
When it comes to using pheromone scents, one of the most common mistakes is to use too much at first.
  When you are dealing with products created to enhance attraction using too much can actually have a boomerang effect.
  You can come across as overly aggressive instead of attractive.
Thankfully this is easy to fix.
  When you start out with a new pheromone product, just use a little bit.
  A couple of small spray or drops will be just fine.
  Then over the course of the next couple of weeks gradually increase the amount that you use until you find your sweet spot.
  This will get you the best results.
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