What to Look For in a Business Web Hosting Provider - Some Tips For Finding the Right Provider!

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Your business website has different needs than a site devoted to your neighbor's cat or your in-laws trip to Greece last summer.
Your needs are different and you need to know what to look for in a business web hosting provider to accommodate that.
Storage You need disk space and bandwidth.
If you are running a business online you need at least 1G of storage.
You may not use it all at first if, but it might be more expensive to add on later and you never know when your business is going to explode.
If you don't want to pay for a bunch of space you aren't using, you need to look for a business web hosting provider that allows you to add on space later without huge mark up costs.
Another viable option is to look for a provider that allows unlimited storage space.
Traffic Bandwidth is the same way, all you need is one viral video posted on your site for the whole thing to crash and you lose business.
At the very least, you could face a hefty fine for using more bandwidth then you paid for, so make sure your business web hosting provider allows for plenty of traffic.
Some very popular hosts allow unlimited bandwidth.
I recommend looking for one of those.
Long Term Contracts Many business web hosting providers offer discounts if you buy a few years at a time.
If you plan to host a site for more than a year, this is a great option to save some coin! Domain Name As an online business, your domain name is your storefront; make sure it belongs to you.
If you register your domain with any business web hosting provider you are leasing it from them.
Some providers maintain rights to the name and if you ever want to switch providers, they keep the name.
Read the fine print before you sign-up with any outfit.
You can register your domain name independently before signing on with a web host.
Or better yet, find a business web hosting provider that lets you keep or transfer the domain name.
Guarantee Any reputable business web hosting provider will provide at least a 30-day money back guarantee.
Use this if you don't like the company or want to try someone else out.
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