How to Make a Photo DVD

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Insert a blank DVD disc into the optical drive. If the "AutoPlay" box appears, close it.

Click "Start," "All Programs," then "Windows DVD Maker." After the Windows DVD Maker window appears, click "Add Items" on the toolbar.

Browse to a folder that contains photos you want to add to the DVD. Select a photo, and then click "Add," Alternatively, select all the photos in a folder by pressing "Ctrl" and "A" at the same time. After you select all the photos, click "Add." Windows adds the photos to the items list in the Windows DVD Maker window.

Add additional photos from other folders on your PC as needed. Click the "Next" button. The "Change your slide show settings" window appears.

Click the "Slide Show" button in the "Ready to Burn DVD" window. Click the "Add Music" button, and then browse to an MP3, WAV or WMA audio file to add to the slide show. The audio file you select will play in the background when watching the slide show on the DVD. Select the music file, and then click "Add."

Click and enable the "Change slide show length to match music length" option if you want Windows DVD Maker to adjust the timing of slide transitions automatically and display the last slide just as the music you selected ends. Alternatively, click the "Picture Length" drop-down list and select a length of time (in seconds) to display each photo during the slide show.

Click the "Transition" drop-down list, and select the type of visual transition you want to display when pictures in the slide show change. You can opt to have the photos cross fade into each other, dissolve and reappear or transition in other ways. To get an idea how the photos will transition during the slide show, click the "Preview" button at the top of the "Change your slide show settings" window.

Enable the "Use pan and zoom effects for pictures" option if you want the pictures in the video to zoom in and out and rotate side to side automatically during the slideshow.

Click "Change Slide Show" after selecting your preferred options for the DVD.

Click the "Burn" button. Windows DVD Maker starts copying files to the DVD disc. After DVD Maker finishes burning the disc, the optical disc tray opens. Remove the disc and insert it into a protective cover. Close Windows DVD Maker.

Test the new disc by inserting it into a DVD player. Press the "Play" button on the DVD player or remote control. The disc plays and displays the videos you added to the disc while playing the audio track in the background.
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