Most Apt Ways of Generating Revenue Through SEO Marketing

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Effective search engine optimisation not just causes your website pages to rise in the search engine's result page list it can help you make money, as it can help search engines tailor lucrative and better targeted ads on your page.
But one must follow the right tips if you are looking to generate a good amount of revenue from your site.
Google AdWords Keyword Tool Using Google AdWords keyword tool is the best way to find the most popular keywords that are related to your website and your beat.
Before you begin tuning your specific keywords, you need to discover what keywords and phrases most internet readers are using in search engine for finding the apt content.
Usage of Keywords and Phrases After identifying your keywords and phrases, use them in the most important place where the search engines will consider them.
In case you are using a content management system (CMS), know which input field will populate the title tag.
Imagine yourself as a reader, and then ask yourself what terms you would use on Google if you were searching for something.
You should also write an engaging Meta description tag for each page.
Change to SEO Style from AP style Keyword density and repetition on a page plays a major role in where you end up in the SERPs.
Usage of Keywords in your URLs Any search engine values the usage of keywords in the URLs.
If you have one in your site's domain, then it will really benefit you.
Besides this, keywords in the directory path or file name of the URL provide good response too.
In spite of using number of useless or meaningless text in the URL's articles, opting for a CMS that uses real words is a great option.
Avoid Publishing Same Articles under Two or More URLs Duplicate content penalties have killed news websites position in the SERPs in the past.
You should never upload the same article at more than one or two URLs on your website.
It is alright to provide reference to a piece with multiple tags and from multiple index pages, but then they should all point to the similar URL when referencing that write-up.
Link to other Original Content and also Invite others to Link to Yours This probably is the one of the most important things to be considered.
A superb on-page SEO will ultimately do little to move your pages in the SERPs.
Using social media and other offline promotion skills to let other influential online news publishers know about your work and link to it.
Also remember to create standing pages as link bait for popular ongoing stories and issues.
Besides this, never ever retire or change the URLs of the page without providing a 301 redirect.
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