Internet Marketing Tips - Are You Guilty of the Number One Sin?

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Let me start off by saying that I am even guilty of this.
Yes, I am...
and I freely admit it.
No, it has nothing to do with how I market to my prospects or create my sites or products.
Though heaven knows, there are plenty of sins in those areas to go around.
No, I'm talking about something completely different.
To reveal what it is, I'm going to do it with a story...
a true one.
In fact, this happened to me just today.
I was checking my emails and I got one from marketer whose list I was on.
I read it.
In the email, he was promoting a product that I thought sounded very good.
I decided to purchase a copy.
But something inside of me said, "Steve wait a minute.
You've been on this guy's list for a while now.
Maybe you already purchased this from him.
" So I looked in my folder that I keep for all this person's stuff and sure enough, there it was.
I don't even remember when I bought it as it was so long ago.
That's when I realized something else.
I never even read it.
That's right.
Here I am, supposedly a successful marketer and I committed the cardinal sin that most newbies make.
I bought something, never used it and worse...
never read it.
It was sitting on my hard drive for who knows how many years doing nothing but collecting dust.
I was ashamed of myself.
Okay, now granted, I might at least have a legit excuse.
I run a successful business and don't really have a lot of free time to read ebooks...
especially not one that's 148 pages long.
But for some people just starting out, or those who've been at this a while and still looking for some success, that kind of sin is just unforgivable.
I mean for crying out loud, how can you learn anything if you just keep your reading material on your hard drive in a folder and never open it? What's that you say? You don't learn from reading ebooks? You get your info in other ways? Then why did you bother buying it in the first place? I mean if you place no importance on ebooks or other forms of written training material, why spend money on the stuff? If you're going to buy it, use it.
Otherwise, you're just tossing money out the window.
And that is just unforgivable.
So take a look through your hard drive and see if there aren't some nuggets on it that can't help you in at least some small way.
To YOUR Success, Steven Wagenheim
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