How to Know If a Guy Likes You - The Biggest Sign Women Tend to Overlook

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Even if you've only gone on ONE date with a guy, you will be able to tell easily if a guy likes you.
Of course, there are major signs you can count on such as telling his friends about your existence behind your back, but you won't know about that one unless you've gone out with him a couple more times.
So in this article, I will just outline one biggest sign that a guy likes you, the one that separates an interested guy against a guy who is 'just not that into you'.
Women like to analyse things.
If a guy does not give you a call after a great first date and it's been two days, does he like you? If a guy prioritise his family and work over you (you've only just met) does he like you? I am sure you have many more scenarios involving many mixed signals and sleepless nights wondering about whether or not a guy you have just started seeing likes you.
Come on, is there just a magic pill that exist to tell you in the most straight answer whether or not a guy likes you? Well, no there isn't any magic pill to tell you that, you wish don't you? But there is one biggest sign to tell you in the most super straight answer whether or not he likes you.
Now this is going to be the same whether you've only met him once, two or three dates, or you are dating seriously.
As long as he still shows this sign, you are both on good page.
Listen to this carefully.
A guy likes you if he simply makes time for you.
Yes, you've heard it right, a guy likes you if he makes time for you.
In fact, he WANTS to see you himself, so motivated by his own needs i.
seeing you, he will definitely make time for you no matter if he is busy, or is lost in the sea for the next couple of weeks.
He will want to see you as much as possible even though he is the busiest man on earth.
(Even if in the beginning he only manages to see you once or twice a week, so long as he makes time for you he is interested.
) So that is the good news, that it is actually very simple.
You can decipher what a guy really thinks of you by watching his action.
He makes time means he likes you.
But the bad news is though, Women tend to overlook this because they have this big thing in her mind called the 'wishful thinking'.
She doesn't want to accept the fact that a certain guy is not into her when he tells her "I like you a lot, but I have to go feed my dog or bathe my cat every day so I won't see you for a year" (ok, that's extreme but you get the idea).
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