Are You Preventing Your Success?

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When it comes to your home based business, are you stopping yourself from obtaining the success that you see others achieving? You could be doing this without even knowing it.
You might feel that you are keeping yourself very busy and are always on the go.
But are you creating business, or just keeping busy? There is a big difference.
You need to ask yourself if what you are doing is going to make you money, and not in the long run.
Organizing your files, arranging your office and figuring out how to work the equipment you have are all things that might need to get done, however should you be doing these during prime hours of your day.
You need to make sure you are performing tasks that directly benefit your business.
These would include contacting new potential clients, following up with those that you have spoken with but not made a decision or speaking with your existing people to make sure they are all taken care of.
You must be marketing your products or business opportunity on a constant basis, advertising in any and every way you feel comfortable doing.
Another area you need to be very aware of is your time online.
There are many traps in here that you can fall into without even knowing it.
You might think that you are doing good, but in fact you are just wasting time.
I have done this myself on many occasions so I know this one first hand.
For instance, I would start to market through venues like social networking and end up finding that I have spent three hours on one site with very little to show for it.
I would start looking around, reading articles or blogs, and sometimes getting involved in unrelated forums.
There are other traps like games, chat rooms, researching venues that have nothing to do with your topic and just other useless pages you can easily get caught up reading.
You need to stay focused and on track to obtain the goals you set out for your business.
If you are in a business where you have sponsored people into, then there are specific things you need to make sure you are doing.
One of the main areas you would need to focus on is being a constant leader.
You might think that this is a real tough thing to be, however if you conduct your business in a positive and productive way, then you can show people what you are doing.
It could be as simple as this with some encouragement thrown in along the way to make sure they know they are appreciated and are being looked after.
With this style of industry, building and maintaining relationships is a key factor.
This begins with your down lines and is a must with your clients.
You need to make sure you recognize how important these people are to the success of your business and make sure you treat them as such.
A break in this chain could mean the failure of your business.
As with any relationship, you need to make sure that you follow through on any promise that you make and keep every appointment that you set.
What this all boils down to is discipline.
As there is no one you need to report to or take direction from, you must make sure you perform all the business creating tasks during prime hours.
The other tasks can be done before, in between, or after these main duties as they are also necessary for a successful business.
A good way to do this is to create a daily task list which includes all appointments, necessary time for marketing - inside and out - and a good amount for follow up.
Check it off as you go to ensure you get all the right things accomplished.
Since you do not have a Boss to answer to, ask yourself this simple question at the end of each day.
Would I have fired or given myself a raise based on the days performance; make sure you are honest.
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