How to Remove a NuTone Fan in Your Kitchen

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    • 1). Turn off the circuit breaker that controls the circuit for your range hood. Do not attempt to disconnect any wiring with electricity still energizing the circuit.

    • 2). Remove the light lens from the underside of the range hood by pressing up on one side of the lens. Tilt the lens to the side then lower it out of the light housing on the hood.

    • 3). Take the light bulb out of its socket by turning it counterclockwise.

    • 4). Remove the screws that secure the electrical terminal cover in place with a screwdriver then set the cover off to the side.

    • 5). Take off the wire nuts from each wire connection then pull the wires apart. If electrical tape was used to secure the wire nuts to the wires, peel the tape off.

    • 6). Remove the screws from the underside of the hood that attach the hood to the underside of the cabinet then pull the range hood down and away from the cabinet. Keep in mind that the hood connects to vent duct work, either from the back of the hood or from the top. As you pull down, separate the hood from the vent by pulling the two apart.

    • 7). Wrap the wires that extend from the cabinet with wire nuts then secure the nuts to the wires with electrical tape.

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