How to Protect a Dog from Eye Injury

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    • 1). Keep your dog on a leash when outside unless you are in a fenced area that is clear of debris, brush and shrubs. The most common cause of eye injury in dogs is scratches, cuts and punctures to the cornea caused by running through branches and brush.

    • 2). Put your car windows down for the dog while driving, but not far enough that she can get her head out. Although many dogs love to ride with the wind in their faces, pieces of debris can strike them in the eye, causing cornea damage. The debris could even get lodged in the dog's eye.

    • 3). Take the dog out of the yard whenever you are spraying chemicals. Leave her inside the house for a couple of hours after spraying plants in the garden or yard. Likewise, take her out of the house when spraying chemicals inside to protect her eyes.

    • 4). Clean your dog's face with a warm, wet washcloth when bathing her. Do not use shampoo on your dog's head and face to avoid getting the shampoo in her eyes. Wash your dog's face and eye area in between baths as well, using warm water, to keep her eyes clean.

    • 5). Check your dog's eyes on a regular basis for signs of infection or injury. If you see a foreign body in your dog's eye, wet a piece of gauze with warm water and gently hold it over the eye to try to flush out the debris. Do not push down or wipe the eye, as you could move the debris around and cause further damage. After dislodging the debris or any time you see signs of eye injury with your dog, take the dog to the vet as soon as possible.

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