Deciding to Train Your Own Dog

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For convenience, we will refer to your dog as "he" rather than "he or she".
If you own a dog it is your responsibility to ensure that he is trained.
Many owners lack the basic training skills or confidence to do it themselves and so have the training undertaken by someone who is a skilled and experienced trainer.
On the other hand, many other owners make a determined effort to learn how to train their dog and gain much enjoyment and success from the experience.
This can be done in a number of ways, such as attending dog training classes, or by means of a dog training manual.
A dog that is well trained knows how to behave and how to respond in different situations and both you and he are comfortable and stress free in these situations.
When you are giving an instruction it is very important that your dog is listening to you and giving you his full attention.
An important part of this training is to ensure that he recognizes your tone of voice when you are issuing a command.
It should differ markedly from your normal tone used in any general communication.
You must maintain consistency in this area, and that will require patience and tolerance on your part at all times.
If you are beginning to feel stressed, leave off the training and spend some time playing with him.
Your pet will reap the benefits of all your efforts made in training him.
The going may get tough and frustrating at times, but endeavour to always remain patient and understanding and encouraging.
You are making the effort for both you and your dog, but as a spin off you get added benefits you may not have thought of.
Your well trained and well behaved dog will be an excellent example to other owners and their dogs and give many of them a boost in their morale and confidence and the courage to persevere with their own efforts.
Some owners do not realize that training is an ongoing process.
They think that after a period of training all this "hard work" can be put behind them.
Certainly the really heavy work may have been completed, but it is necessary to continue reinforcing the skills taught and learnt.
This is in fact a very enjoyable and rewarding part of dog ownership.
When you really enjoy what you are doing it is never looked on as work, but fun and entertainment.
I wish you every training success and years of enjoyment for both you and your dog.
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