How to Become a Ranger in Colorado

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    National Parks or National Forest Ranger

    • 1). Obtain a college degree in business, history, natural resource management, archeology, natural sciences, natural history, sociology, anthropology, museum sciences, law enforcement or another subject related to the management of public, cultural or natural resources.

    • 2). Take summer jobs working in parks or museums. Working at a national park or for the national forest service in a temporary position gives you experience to put on your resume and allows you to make contacts you can use as references.

    • 3). Log on to the USAJobs website and search for vacancies within the National Parks Service, which oversees national parks in Colorado, or the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which is in charge of national forests. Apply for the position of ranger. While you can apply for positions specific to Colorado, you increase your chances of securing a job by applying for any entry level position. Entry level park and forest ranger positions have a GS-5 ranking.

    • 4). Gain experience working in an entry level ranger position. If you start somewhere other than Colorado, apply for a transfer to Colorado as opportunities arise. Rangers with more experience and seniority have the best chance of obtaining a posting of their choosing.

    State Park Ranger

    • 1). Graduate from high school. While you don't have to be a college graduate to be a state park ranger in Colorado, additional education in fields related to outdoor recreation, conservation or parks management will give you an advantage over others competing for jobs.

    • 2). Work in the summer at state parks in temporary positions. Parks hire summer personnel to check in visitors, issue camping and boating permits and help keep parks clean. This kind of experience gives you inside knowledge of how the parks work and valuable experience on your resume.

    • 3). Search for available jobs at the Colorado State Parks website. Submit your resume and job application to the appropriate department indicated in the job listing. You must have no criminal record to be a ranger in Colorado State Parks.

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