Westie Training For Enjoyable Trips With Your Pet

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Traveling with dogs is not an unusual scenario.
Celebrities and ordinary people alike, many of them find it pleasurable to travel with four-legged companions.
Who wouldn't want a lively, courageous yet friendly west highland terrier as travel companion? Taking your westie along can make your trips more fun and exciting especially if your pet is trained for this.
But if you think that Fido is not yet ready to go on board, better start your westie training as soon as possible.
Allow your dog to interact with other dogs and animals.
Introduce them to people who are always visiting your house such as friends, neighbors and delivery men.
Then take them to public places such as parks to get them used to lots of people as well as vehicles and towering buildings.
Short car rides to pick kids at school, vet visits or dropping by a friend's place are great ways to get your dog used to going places.
When going on a long trip, advance planning is really necessary.
If you will be staying in a hotel, better go for a pet-friendly one and make an advance booking if possible.
Whether you are traveling by car, plane, train or boat, determine if it is safe for your dog.
Take him to the veterinarian and make sure that all necessary vaccinations are up to date.
Ask for vaccination records and health certifications since these things are required when traveling by plane.
If you are not sure that his regular food is available in your destination, bring along enough of it along with bottled water to prevent stomach upset caused by sudden change of diet.
You may also want to bring his favorite things such as toys and blankets to give comfort and make him feel at home even if he's miles away from home.
Medications and emergency kit should also be included in your westie's baggage.
Regardless of your destination, do not let your westie leave the house without identification.
Identification tags must contain vital information such as your dog's name, your name and contact details should your dog get lost.
You may also opt for permanent identification such as microchips and tattoos.
Traveling with your pet is an exciting experience.
With successful westie training, traveling is not only exciting but is also safe both for you and your westie.
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