Bit by the Neighbor's Dog and Facing Medical Bills in Georgia

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Georgia has a fairly complex set of laws concerning dogs that bite and personal injury liability.Referred to as the Dog Bite Law, it sets out the definition of a dangerous dog, owner liability if the dog attacks a person, and owner requirements for containing dogs. Despite the complex laws, people are frequently consulting a personal injury attorney because a dangerous dog can cause severe physical harm for no apparent reason.

Some Dogs are Simply Dangerous

The Georgia dog bite law considers a dangerous dog to be one that injures a person without reason. No one provokes,teases or harms the animal, and yet the dog attacks someone walking down the street or working in their yard. Sometimes there are tragic results that include permanent disfigurement or even death.

At the least there will be severe injuries because a strong dangerous dog can bite down to the bone causing crushed bones,torn skin and even loss of limb.That's why a dangerous dog should always be taken seriously.The medical expenses may be quite high depending on the extent of the injuries.If the attack is vicious enough there might even be a need for reconstructive surgery.

All this adds up to medical expenses, life disruption, and pain and suffering. You have a right to compensation for your economic losses as a result of a dog owner's negligence.A personal injury attorney in Macon, GA often works with dog bite victims to hold them accountable per the dog bite laws.

Proving a Dog Owner is Negligent

In any personal injury case you must prove negligence. In the case of a dog bite, you must prove the owner:

>> Had a duty

>> Breached that duty

>> The breach of duty caused harm

>> Caused damages as a result of the harm

These are the 4 elements of legal negligence.The law says that a dog owner who knows a dog is dangerous has a duty to prevent an accident from occurring by keeping the dog under control. If the owner breaches that duty by allowing the dog to run loose,and harm results leading to injuries (damages), then the dog owner is responsible.

The personal injury attorney in Macon, GA will develop a case that proves the dog was dangerous and the owner was negligent.

Responsibilities are Clear

The responsibilities of a dog owner are defined by the Georgia dog bite law, but they also are common sense. A dangerous dog must be registered with the state of Georgia. A dog that attacks someone and is not registered is already creating a negligence case.

>> Dangerous dogs must be restrained or enclosed at all times whether inside or outside

>> A dog that is outside and not in an enclosed area like a fence has to be on a leash, muzzled, or chained

>> A dog that is outside must also be restrained by a person

>> Dangerous dog owners must carry $15,000 or more of liability insurance or possess an equivalent surety bond

>> Property must be posted with signs warning that a dangerous dog is on the premises

If you suffer a dog bite, it is important to consult a personal injury attorney in Macon, GA. You may be faced with many medical expenses and should take immediate steps to hold the dangerous dog owner responsible.
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