Monte Albán Mexico: An Ancient, Cultural, Natural Destination And Discover the Most Energetic and In

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Mexico is known for its beaches, fruity tropical drinks, and sun. However, one thing many people overlook is that a short trip inland from the beaches is amazing cultural and historical sites. There are 31 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Mexico, scattered throughout the country; they include cultural and natural sites that are considered as having outstanding universal value. One of these amazing sites is Monte Albn!

Visible from anywhere in the central part of the Valley of Oaxaca, the impressive ruins of Monte Albn has attracted visitors and explorers throughout the colonial and modern eras. Monte Albn is a large pre-Columbian archaeological site in the southern Mexico state of Oaxasca. The present-day state capital Oaxaca City is located approximately 6 miles east of Monte Albn. One of the interesting characteristics of Monte Albn is the large number of carved stone mountains one encounters throughout the plaza. The earliest examples are the so-called "Danzantes", literally translated means dancers. Over 300 "Danzantes" stones have been recorded to date and some of the better preserved once can be viewed at the site's museum. The etymology of the site's present day name is unclear and suggestions range from a corruption of a native Zapotec name such as "Danibaan" (Sacred Hill) to a colonial-era reference to a Spanish soldier by the name Montalbn or to the Alban Hills of Italy. The ancient Zapotec name of the city is not known as abandonment occurred around 900 AD. Besides being one of the earliest cities of the Mesoamerica, Monte Albn's importance stems also from its role as the pre-eminent Zapotec socio-political and economic center for close to a thousand years.

If you are searching for a destination rich in history and beauty, Monte Albn, Mexico is the destination for you.

New Zealand is often called the most energetic and insane country, they have also been credited with creating bungee jumping! New Zealand offers everything from active volcanoes to skiing on their own Alps mountain range. Wines from New Zealand are among the world's best and sheep stations draw a crowd where you can see how the sheep are protected while furnishing the wool for your Moreno Wool Clothing. Visit the Milford Sound where more waterfalls occur every day than any other place in the world except Kauai. On Doubtful Sound, enjoy a dinner boat ferry ride of go underground on a two hour tour to see the world famous glowworms that light the ceilings of caves! Visit Christchurch designed after Stratford Von Avon in England with plenty of walkways, streams and scenery. Journey to Mt. Cook (Aoraki) National Park where a short hike to Kia point will give you the greatest view of large glaciers so clean during formation they are blue, Spend a night or two at the lodge and ski, snowmobile or ice climb. Few places in the world can neither capture nor replicate the scenery and clean and fresh environment of this location.

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No matter what you are looking for in a vacation, New Zealand has it to offer!
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