Cold Calls That Work While You"re Sleeping

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Cold calling is still prevalent today but what you don't know is that you don't have to keep doing it.
How can this be you ask? Well, by cold calling you're really doing the advertising yourself by contacting one person at a time and trying to convert them to a lead.
But why would you do that when you could get something or someone else to do it for you...
even while you're sleeping? What I'm talking about is leverage.
Before we get into that let me ask you a question: Would you rather do the same task hundreds of times, or, would you rather do something once and then have it go to work for you? I think all of us would choose the later method.
Leverage is the process of doing something once and then letting your results do all the work for you.
For example instead of making 200 cold calls a day I could write two direct mail ads and send them to thousands of people.
That is leverage.
Not only is writing the ads easier to do, it's far more effective in reaching a larger audience.
Now I know what you're thinking, "I'd rather call someone instead of mail them something because they are more likely to listen.
" Well that maybe true (and it may not be) but I would rather contact thousands of people with a slightly less effective method than contact 200 people with a method that might produce a slightly better result per person.
If you can cold call thousands of people a day then you may have a point.
But as you know you can't.
But I can send out as many direct mail pieces as my pocket book can afford.
And with direct mail being so cheap these days that's a lot of mailings.
Instead of trying to improve your cold calling method you should really be looking into methods of marketing that allow you to gain massive amounts of leverage.
You should be looking for a system that will work for you to bring in massive amounts of leads without you picking up the phone.
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