How to Fix a Water Leak in a Hayward Northstar

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    • 1). Turn off the power to the Hayward Northstar pump. Since the pump has a leak and the pump contains electrical wiring, you must shut off the power to prevent potentially deadly electrical shock.

    • 2). Check all piping and fittings around the pump to ensure they fit tightly together. Any loose items may cause a leak in the threading. Tighten with your hand or use a plumber's wrench. Do not overly tighten. Simply continue twisting until moderate force no longer twists the piping.

    • 3). Inspect the exterior of the pump. Sometimes tubing can develop leaks at the joints. This problem only requires an application of Teflon tape. Dry off the work area with a towel. Then, place several layers around the leaking area by tightly winding around the joint and piping.

    • 4). Inspect the valves on the pump's exterior to see if any feel loose. Valves, like piping, can also develop leaks if insufficiently fastened to the pump assembly. Tighten until the valve sits firmly in place.

    • 5). Inspect all O-rings inside the the pump and determine if any need replacement. Any traces of damage including breaking, cracking and brittleness signal a need for replacement parts. Disassemble the pump with a screwdriver and remove broken O-rings. Replace with new ones and reassemble the pump back together again.

    • 6). Turn the pump back on and watch for the developments of leaks. You successfully completed the task if you cannot see any leaking. Continue the troubleshooting process if leaks continue.

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