Rank High On Google: How To Increase Google Ranking

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Welcome back, I'm George Tiganus and today I will tell you some things about how to rank your website higher on the first page of Google search results.
Ranking high with the search engines is what brings the traffic to your website, and if your website shows up in the first results for the keywords people are searching for, this is good for business! Traffic means money! So let's go ahead and briefly talk about the SEO concept.
SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, and that's what gets you the high ranks on Google and other search engines.
This kind of optimization depends on various aspects, and we will discuss some of them, so that you can understand what they mean and how you can make them work for you.
If I were asked which is the most important factor to improve your Google Rankings, I would definitely say BACKLINKING.
But what exactly is backlinking? First up, think about some restless machines always scrutinizing the information on every website in existence.
This is exactly what the search engines are designed to do.
They look at the content of websites and rank them by relevance of that content to the website's keywords.
But there's much more than just the information you have on your website's pages.
For every subject you can imagine, including the one your website is about, there could be thousands or millions of other sites.
One other sign that a website relevant to the subject it deals with is if it's referenced externally via links.
Out of two sites on the same topic, the one that is referenced through more links over the internet will be considered more helpful for the users looking for info on that topic.
These are called, incoming links, inbound links or backlinks and they refer people from other sites to yours.
The more quality your website has, the more backlinks you are supposed to get.
Google thinks of a link coming from some other website to your website as a vote and this is why backlinking plays a huge role on the way Google sets their rankings.
Think about Wikipedia and how they always show up within the first results for almost any search.
Why do you think that is? 75,000,000 domain backlinks!!! (I know it is insane, but it's TRUE!) So now you know the importance of backlinks, but it is more important to know HOW to get them for your own website.
There are several ways to do that and the most common are: - reciprocal links - links between two websites to ensure mutual traffic - forum links - using signature links on forums - commenting on blogs - go to high ranked blogs and add a link to your comment - links from other pages, such as video sharing websites, article directories etc.
Naturally, the more such backlinks your site has,the higher it will be ranked on search engines.
But pay attention, this doesn't mean you should buy some automatic tool and just get 1000 backlinks per day.
Bulding up backlinks at an unnaturally high rate or speed is suspect and Google has a very low tolerance of spam, going to such lengths as penalizing or even banning websites!
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