Email Marketing - Consider the 3 Fundamentals Every Advertiser Should Know

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Every e-mail communication you send to a preferred group of your shoppers, subscribers, or content readers is an outreach by your organization to take an action that should result in more awareness of a campaign or a specific task your customers will be rewarded for.
Each e-mail you send should have a basic structure that both interests the reader and entices them to respond.
A great e-mail message will include these three components: 1) Personalization Nothing says "give me your money and don't ask questions" like a fake generic e-mail.
Messages that start with "Dear User" or the like have little chance of being taken seriously by an end user that sees it as a generic junk mail.
Personalization can come in the forms of customized salutations, messages sent based on a specific initiative (segmentation), or even just the tone of the message itself.
2) Branding Every message must incorporate your brand in some way.
Why? Branding is the result of a visual indexing of the priority, value and importance of the message.
Adding your brand is like a signature on every message, showing the customer who they are dealing with.
3) Call-to-action Every message, no matter its purpose, must guide users toward a specific action.
If you are sending a product announcement , provide a link to a pre-populated shopping cart and an FAQ.
Get the customer informed and ready to buy in as few clicks as possible.
Custom landing pages are a great way to continue the message on your website, where the sale can be made.
Drawing in a customer is the goal of e-mail marketing, and you want to do it early and often.
If the reader finds value in what you are offering, they will follow.
Write your e-mail marketing from the customer's standpoint, and ask, "What's in it for me?" Effectively communicate this, and your customers will line up at the door.
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