Successful Companies That Use Promotional Pens

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Over the years, many successful companies have used promotional items to help advertise their businesses. One of the most popular and effective items used are promotional pens. Here is a bit of information on why these pens are used and the different companies that have benefited from this advertising resource.

Promotional Pens- Why Use Promotional Pens?

When choosing a promotional item, it is important to put yourself in your customer's shoes. In other words, consider how you view promotional products from other businesses. Which ones do you hold onto? Which ones do you keep in your purse all the time or the top drawer of your office desk? Which items do you use on a weekly or even daily basis?

Pens are great promotional items for many reasons.
  • Pens never go out of style. No matter what year it is, you can always use a pen to jot down a grocery list, write a heartfelt letter to a friend, or store your deepest darkest secrets in a journal.
  • You can never have enough pens. Growing up, I always used to wonder why my mom had an entire drawer full of pens. Over time, I realized that with six family members, there were never enough pens to be had. My siblings and I would grab them for homework and my mom and dad would use them to pay the bills and sign checks at the grocery store.
  • Promotional pens are easily used over and over again and are seen by many different individuals. If one of your customers uses your pen to sign a check at the grocery store, hardware store, and the video rental store once a week, you need to consider how many individuals will see the pen. Your customer, of course will see the pen, and be reminded of where they received the pen, but others will see it as well, like the cashier and other individuals in the check-out line. The pen acts as an effective advertising resource in this fashion.

Customers are very open to the idea of receiving free promotional items like pens, whether they are given as gifts for purchasing items or in exchange for attending sales meetings, taking surveys, or even attending trade shows. According to a 2011 study conducted by an advertising research firm, 82.5% of individuals would be happy to attend a trade show, 33.2% would love to receive a free pen as a gift for purchasing an item, and 41.8% of individuals would promote the business via social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter if they could receive a free promotional item.

Quality Promotional Pens- Companies That Use Promotional Products

There are many companies that use pens to promote their business and enhance sales of their products. Here are just a few.
  • HBO- If you visit, you will find that HBO actually offers a free promotional pen. The pen can be obtained by making a purchase of more than 30 dollars on True Blood merchandise, a hit show on HBO.
  • Rapbay- This online distributor of independent rap music, urban clothing, magazines, and dvds gives away free pens, along with stickers, for any purchase made from their online store. They can be located at
  • Banks- How many times have you walked into the bank to deposit money and grabbed a new pen to fill out your deposit slip? As simple as a pen is, when it is used correctly and for advertising purposes, it can be a powerful tool. Consider Commerce Bancorp, for instance, a bank located in New Jersey. According to Wikipedia, this bank gave 28 million dollars worth of pens to their customers during 2006.
  • Uptown Concerts- This non-profit music organization, located at, rewards individuals with free pens for donating money to help keep the organization running. They also provide CDs, coupons, and concert discounts.

Using promotional pens from Trendee can help your business dramatically. If you want to tap into the success of many other businesses around the world, consider using them in your advertising campaign. Cheap Promotional Pens
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