Overcoming Hindrances In Marketing

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Every prospect that comes across your ad has a few credibility problems from you.
They don't know you.
They don't care about you.
They don't understand you.
In fact, all they're worried about is how you can help them with their problem, or help them to achieve their goal.
Believe it or not, there are many consumer behavioral problems that need to be resolved before someone buys your product.
At all stages at the selling process, your prospects have questions about whether or not they should buy from you.
And this is a legitimate thought.
Who wants to do business with someone that they don't know? Well as weird as it sounds, people make this mistake all the time in their business.
The best way to get out of the "unfamiliar" zone and into the relationship zone is to offer something for free.
This way, you can formally introduce yourself, and put them on some of the information that can help to change their life.
But even though you've offered some free information, there are still things that you need to do to close the sale.
You see your prospects have a level of "disbelief" in your products and services.
The best way to counteract this objection is with testimonials.
The more testimonials the better.
And the best kind of testimonials to offer are those where you have them on video talking about their successes.
Testimonials are very powerful, and I think it's something that you should definitely fit into your agenda.
Another hurdle that your prospect will face is whether or not they can get their money back.
You see some people just want a free deal.
But despite this, you should offer a money back guarantee anyway.
Even though there would be people who will buy the product, and then return it for a refund after they've copied it, you should still offer a money back guarantee.
Because despite the bad guys, testimonials do work to increase your sales and profits.
It's like a conversion rate enhancer.
The more you promote your money back guarantee, the more sales you will get.
And believe it or not, the longer the guarantee, the better.
Plus, most people who buy products with money back guarantees on the item won't return the product - so keep this in mind.
Money back guarantees are so common nowadays anyway that it's almost universal that you should offer a guarantee if you're not happy with the product.
So make this a mainstay in your business so that people can relax and enjoy their product without having to wonder about a time limit on the guarantee.
And the longer the guarantee, the better.
So 12-month money back guarantees will work better than 2 month money back guarantees.
These 2 situations that I have stated above are like hindering blocks.
You have to overcome them to get to the top like Rocky.
excuse the joke).
If you really want to make more money in your business, stick with these 2 techniques, It will be more than worth it in the long run.
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