Measuring and Fitting Your Carpet

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Laying a new carpet can be a tricky task. Making sure you get the right measurements, choose the correct kind of carpet for the space and fitting it without snags and overlaps.

Renovating a house can be easy if one knows the way to go about it. Buying carpets can therefore be somewhat of a breeze, once the support is found from a good carpet store. Many, if not all, aspects of renovating is simplified with free samples, advisors and fitters. Get help choosing carpet, advice about flooring specifications and aid when measuring home areas, as well as fitting the carpet to a high standard. This means anybody can be sure to create their dream home.

Firstly, choosing can feel hard enough, so it is recommended to order free samples that will be delivered to the door to make it just that bit easier. Look at and feel all the samples and buy the desired quality carpet. But, before you even think of buying it, it is very important to understand what flooring is good for what room, as well as for individual requirements of daily life. Certain carpets are designed for specific rooms and some aspects, such as durability and maintenance, may be more helpful for different home owners. So be sure to get advice before committing to buy.

Measuring Up for a Carpet

In the current economic situation, many home owners and interior designers have a strict budget to work with. It is therefore advantageous to have an accurate measurement of the areas that are being renovated. By using free measuring and estimation services wherever possible, renovators can be comforted in the knowledge that there is minimal material wastage, and as a result reduced money loss. It is advisable to buy carpet that is of a highest cost as possible, in order to have a guarantee for its durability, resilience and longevity.

Getting the Flooring Fitter In

Professional carpet fitting of course is a must. Not only because it is tricky, where numerous tools are required, but also because it is a hassle that demands skilful knowledge and experience to fit carpet to the highest standard. Fitters know how to cut the carpet to perfection, whilst the seams and joins, that are sometimes necessary, are kept to a minimum and as unnoticeable as possible.
There are other benefits to having carpet fitted professionally. It has been suggested, if not proven, that flooring lasts longer and looks great day after day. Most interestingly though, this helps the carpet function best it can, which keeps its resilient properties and ensures its durability.

Furthermore, if durability is an important factor for the buyer, it is recommended that a carpet underlay is used and also fitted properly with the carpet. This prolongs the life of the flooring, levels the base for more comfort underfoot and even adds thermal and sound insulating properties that create an ultimate luxury at home.

There are many carpet companies available, yet not many give free samples, free advice, free consultation and professional fitters. So be sure to choose a trustworthy one. By choosing fitters that are professional and who tidy up after themselves buyers can feel reassured and comforted when passing over hard work to somebody else.

To find advice on picking the right carpet for a particular interior look you want ask our knowledgeable interior designer, Diane Civil. She provides tips too on how to fit your carpet so that it looks great day after day in the video €How to Fit a Carpet'.

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