Social Networking And How To Use It With Your Business

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Since Interest in social networking seems to be extremely high, I thought I would like to share some information with you about it. Below is a list of ideas to promote your business using social networking:

Limit your choices to top 3

Q: Just how many social networking websites are there?

Way too many. In fact, there are so many, we have actually lost count!

You are free to join as many as you like, but we recommend you stick to the top 3 in order to make the most effective use of your time and energy. While this rule may be reconsidered if you want to drive a lot of traffic to your landing page or search for niche specific customers, we really recommend the following 3 networking sites to appeal to most businesses and professions:

1. Digg

2. Digg

3. Twitter

Make use of the plug-ins or applications

Most Social networking sites come with exclusive plug-ins and applications. You need to take advantage of these and utilize them for your own professional and personal purposes.

For example: Facebok allows you to integrate with twitter into your profile. This is very advantageous to you because there could be people on your facebook that are not subscribed to Twitter and they can see your short message without you having to post the same message twice. Digg also allows you to immediately upload and share stories by adding one button to your blog, another time saving tool that can increase the overall value of a single effort.

Be very friendly

This also includes an often forgotten yet important aspect rule of salesmanship, be human. Be sensitive about other people's feelings, give them a chance to interact with you by asking questions about their posts and comments, or perhaps by answering some the questions they ask, even if they're not always questions related directly to your particular business.

Do not be stiff or business like and make sure to avoid coming across as a salesman. Most of all, do not spend all your time promoting your products and services or your friends and followers will become bored with you. I cannot emphasize this enough! Most people are looking for interaction and information. While they may not be seeking the products or services you provide, they will learn to respect who you are and what you do and when they are looking for your product, they will find that you are the expert they were looking for.

Consider your landing pages

We've talked about Landing Pages for quite a while and I still consider them to be one of your best tools on social networking websites. When you're simply using Facebook or Twitter for the sole purpose of meeting and making friends, while that is still very important, you're defeating the purpose of building a social networking campaign. The ultimate goal is conversion and having a well designed landing page for your web-presence is like having a skilled receptionist in your office. It will take care of your customers wants and needs, even when you're not available to help them directly.

You have to make sure that first your landing page is working effectively and is able to communicate clearly and efficiently. Think about it in terms of having that secretary or receptionist I mentioned earlier. Would you hire a receptionist who was rude, un-attentive or incapable of answering the questions posed by your customers? Would you employ an auto-mechanic to answer technical support calls for a computer software and information technology company? No. Then why would you permit this kind of behavior from your landing page?

Fortunately, offers an array of designs which you can conveniently modify to fit your needs, whatever your business profile may be. You can also keep track on your campaigns to determine which of your marketing effort are providing the bulk of your traffic and utilize your time to focus on those areas.

Think about your profile

Upload a picture! It doesn't have to be a picture of your smiling face if that doesn't appeal to you but it should be a picture which represents you and your personality or your niche or business, such as your company logo.

Some people use pictures of their children, others use their pets. That is okay, it shows that you are human and can provide a window of opportunity with others about similar interests. If you upload a picture of your dalmatian, you might find people that you have barely spoken to that are now offering a brand new relationship because it just so happens they have a dalmatian also.

Let your biography, user name and posts be a reflection of who you are as well as what your business is. Make a clear distinction between your personal and professional information, and be certain before you post a personal comment that it will not reflect poorly on your reputation or your business.

Accept all opportunities to direct your contacts and followers to your landing page, without being overwhelming them.

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