How to Go Green with Your Bathroom

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We start and end our days in the bathroom, so practically this is the most important room from the entire house! Thus, we should treat it with the deserved respect and try to improve our routines when it comes to usual bathroom habits. You might not know, but by respecting some simple rules that change and improve your bathroom routine, you too can go green within your bath without too much effort; there are just some simple rules you need to learn and then follow so that you can call yourself a good and green citizen.

                Sure, following some simple steps might not look like too much of a deal to you, but let me tell you this – if you commit to following simple, clean and green rules, you can not only reduce wastes, but you can also save money bills.
  • Of course, rule number one when it comes to going green with your bathroom is to reduce water waste. How? By applying some simple and common sense rules – don't let the water run while you wash your teeth; not only that it is useless, but you will literally save dozens of gallons per year just by closing the water on time. After, don't let too much water down the drain by installing a low-flow showerhead, a low-flow faucet aerator and so on; there are plenty of possibilities to choose from so it's only up to you making the savings by adopting the right water flowers in your bathroom.
  • Use toilet paper made out of recycled sources and avoid by all means using products made from virgin boreal forest trees. The same rule is applied also when it comes to towels and other type of cloth cleaners; opt for recyclable or reusable ones and don't use special bath paper to dry your hands every time you use the bath or the sink – think of all the waste you do in only a couple of months.  
  • Always opt for as many green and organic bath products as you can; throw away chemical products that only harm your skin and go for the organic ones – soaps, shampoos, even toothpastes and shower gels, foams, lotions and potions. By far the most dangerous products in our daily routine are the so-called "anti-bacterial" soaps that often include endocrine disrupters which can cause serious damage to ecosystems after they escape into the water stream the minute you flush. Also, bear in mind this simple rule: "If you can't say it, don't use it."
  • Another cool and fun way to reduce water waste is to install a five-minute timer in shower to encourage shorter showers. Allow yourself to play this little game and time yourself every time you shower; if you find it hard to finish all your routine in 5 minutes at once, don't despair – practice makes it perfect.
  • Speaking of shower, you must ditch your old shower PVC curtains that contain the so-called VOCs, or the volatile organic compounds. These compounds are often associated with plenty health conditions, including cancer, liver and brain damage. In order to keep you and the environment safer, opt for shower curtains made from mold or fabric that can be easily washed.
  • Last, but certainly not least, ventilate your bathroom as much as possible – natural ventilation is the most preferred; if your bathroom features a window, close it only during winter and the times you bath to keep the air clean and a breathable overall environment.
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