Beat That Bounce Rate Down Webmasters

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Building a website now a days can be done in a matter of seconds and truth be told there is really no challenge in even making a pretty site.
However making a 'sticky site' one that has a low bounce rate is an accomplishment that only the good webmasters can do.
So what are the secrets if there really are any to creating a site that not only look good but also gets what all site builders want which is a low bounce rate? Well one of the first things you need to have and I know this will read like something you have probably read a hundred times before is the content.
Honestly the only reason you go to any site more than once is because you found them to be a good resource for what you were searching for so of course you are going to be a return visitor and the odds are when you do go back that you will be spending even more time on their site then you did the last time.
Delivering on the promise of having the content that people are searching for is vital to keeping your site 'sticky'.
You can do all the social networking, article marketing and link building you can handle but if you do not deliver the goods so to speak.
All that internet traffic that you are working so hard to build will just click on by your site never to return.
Another vital part of delivering the good content on your site is giving good directions as well.
The navigational links on your site need to be direct and simple, you have people clicking on three or four links to finally get to the good stuff.
Guess what they will not be sticking around your site and they will click out of your site the first chance they get.
There is the real challenge now then isn't it, building a website that has the content that everyone or at least a good portion of the web suring internet crowd is looking for and making it sticky.
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