How You Can Start Creating Instant Web Traffic Today!

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The Web Traffic Blues

Unlike the morning commute to work, traffic is a wonderful sight for any business. We are always on the hunt to find new ways to increase exposure for our products or services. If you're able to generate high-quality instant web traffic, you'll be far ahead of the competition. Keep reading to learn the strategies that can create instant web traffic that is tailored specifically for your service or product.


Whether or not you've ever heard of product "integration" you've more than likely seen it in action. Two of the world's leading soft drink corporations have utilized this strategy in their marketing and advertising plans since their inception.

Neither of these two companies own brick and mortar stores in which they sell their product. Rather they integrate their product into other sales avenues such as ball games, grocery stores, restaurants and vending machines. Both of these companies serve as shining examples of what integrating your product can do for your business.

Instead of having to constantly draw customers into a store, they place their products where the customers are likely to be visiting. This allows for the business to target a specific customer base without having to invest a lot of time and money.

How To Use Integration

Affiliate programs have long been a way of expanding the exposure of a specific product or service. However there are two spots that typically go completely unnoticed by online affiliates and their partners. Just about every website or blog has "Thank You" pages that come up whenever someone subscribes to a newsletter or makes a purchase. These pages are valuable real estate basically going to waste.

Imagine you are selling an online course for beginner golfers. You have a friend who runs a website that sells novelty golf balls. The two of you agree that if your advertisement for your course is placed on the friend's "Thank You" pages you'll give him half of all sales that come in from those links.

This method will increase the potential profits for both you and your friend, but you are also guaranteed quality traffic from those links. Anyone purchasing from or subscribing to the golf balls site would very likely be interested in your course. So you see, integrating in this way not only provides instant web traffic, it provides quality traffic.

Don't be shy!

Be creative and thorough when you compile a list of potential affiliates. Look for any site that offers products, services or information that relates to your business. Put together a clear and concise invitation for website owners and bloggers that defines the benefits this arrangement will offer them. It shouldn't take too long before you start seeing quality web traffic pouring into your site.

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